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Dragan Šimović (1964)

Born on June 14, 1964 in Gabela. After completing high school and the Pedagogy School in Metković, he went on to study Geography and Urban Planning at the Natural Sciences Faculty in Sarajevo .
He was an editor of the monthly magazine for culture and social issues Stećak . His works have been included in a number of prose and poetry anthologies. Occasionally he works as a journalist.
He has published stories in Književna revija, Odjek, Naši dani, Oslobođenje, Stećak, Motrišta, Hrvatsk misao, Hrvatska riječ, Lica, Quorum and in various annual or irregular publications. His stories have been adapted for radio and television. He is currently living in Mostar.
His first story collection was published by Svjetlost in Sarajevo in 1990 under the title “Misterija stolne lampe” (“The Mystery of the Desk Lamp”). In 1988, he received the first prize at the best story competition “Zija Dizdarević”.
His second collection of stories – novel “Prolaznik” (“Passer-By”) was published in 1997 by Matica hrvatska of Sarajevo and Ziral of Mostar.
He is preparing the following books: "Triangulacija - tri priče o jednome" (“Triangulation – three stories about the same thing” group of authors: Zoran Ferić, Robert Mlinarec, Dragan Šimović) and a collection of stories "Učili smo za pjesnike, itd." ( “We Studied for Poets, etc.”).

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