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Dinko Delić (1957)

Dinko Delić was born on November 2, 1957 in Slavonski Brod. He completed high school in Gradačac and graduated at the Philological Faculty in Belgrade in 1980. Until 1993, he worked in Gradačac as a literature professor, wrote, worked with music and the theatre. Since 1993, he has been living in Tuzla and working with the media and NGOs.
Dinko Delić performed as a member of the Jazz Big Band of RTV Tuzla in a number of their memorable performances. He worked as a musical producer of young rock bands and was the first musical editor at the Independent Radio Hayat in Tuzla . He participated in SOROS programmes: “The Flying Classroom and Workshop” (LUR) No. 4, in November 1996, at the Bosnian Cultural Centre in Mostar and LUR No. 5, in July 1997, at the Euro-Club in Sarajevo . In 1997, he became a coach at the B-H Debate Centre and has been working on the implementation of the Karl Popper debate in high schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since then, he has been a constant participant in the debate shows “For and Against” of the youth programme department of RTV B-H. Dinko Delić has participated at many literary manifestation in Bosnia-Herzegovina , Montenegro and Slovenia . He is the editor-in-chief of the magazine DIWAN , a full-time associate of the International Forum Bosna and member of the B-H Writers' Association. His collection of short forms The Robbed Sarcophagus was published in 1998, in Sarajevo in the “ Harfa ” edition of the International Centre for Peace. His second collection of prose, poetry and essays, the “ Bosnian Book of the Dead ” was published in Mostar in 2001 in the “ Kolaps ” edition of the Alternative Institute. His texts have been translated into English, Polish, German and Macedonian. He has published poems, short stories, essays and literary studies in the Internet issues of "LitKon" (Croatia) i "Blesok" (Macedonia), and in the following magazines and newspapers: Književna kritika (Serbia) , Putokaz, Szescsetszescdziesiatszesc (Austria), Književna revija, Most , Lica , Forum Bosnae , Behar (Croatia), Album, Odjek, Iza, Kartki (Poland), Hrvatska misao, Ars (Montenegro) , Prosvjetni list, Kolaps  and  Diwan .

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